Plant List

Hurco VMX60 (2009)

         Table size 1676 x 660mm

         Travel (x,y,x) 1524 x 660 x 610mm

         Spindle speed 10,000 RPM

         Swarf  management system

         With integrated Hurco 10  4th axis


Hurco VMX50 (2006)

         Table size 1500 x 660mm

         Travel (x,y,x) 1270 x 660 x 610mm

         Spindle speed 10,000 RPM

         With integrated 4th axis



Hurco VM2 (2004)

         Table size 1168 x 457mm

         Travel (x,y,x) 1016 x 457 x 457mm

         Spindle speed 8,000 RPM

Winmax offline programming


(With the Hurco machines 2D conversational programming as well as 3D mould high speed profiling, with the added advantages of helical ramp entry and rigid tapping with spindle orientation).


Cincinati Milacorn Arrow 500

         Table size 700 x 520mm

         Travel (x,y,z) 500 x 500 x 500mm

         Spindle speed 8000RPM


Cincinati Milacorn Dart 750

         Table size 762 x 510mm

         Travel (x,y,z) 750 x 500 x 500mm

         Spindle speed 6000RPM


Bridgeport manual mill

         With ACU-rite II digital readout


Colchester Bantom 2000 manual lathe


Inspection Equipment:

        Trimos Vertical height gauge

        Bowers Dial bore gauges 6-100mm

        Granite surface table 1800x900mm

        Verniers 6 1000mm

        Slip gauges

        Micro metres 25-150mm

        Plug Gauges 0.29mm-3

        Metric screw plug gauges M2-M35

        Various English screw plug gauges


We are able to accept customer drawings and files in most standard forms.



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